The W3 Network

The Wild World of Weather Network (we call it the "W3") is our way of reaching out to individual and small business clients with an affordable, reliable, 24/7, comprehensive weather service serving the Cincinnati Tri-State area.  For just $240.00 / year (or the equivalent of purchasing a specialty coffee every week) you get detailed, easy-to-read, weather updates three times a week, daily audio podcasts (Sun - Sat) and even TV news style video podcasts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except holidays).

You also get my exclusive 7-day forecast, weather outlooks for the next month and seasonal forecasts (Will the summer be hot?  Is another brutal winter on the way?).  There's much more, including a weather forum for your questions and comments.  Here are some topics I covered in recent  W3 emails.  We would love to have you on our elite membership list...joining is easy!

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Welcome to Skyeye Weather

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Skyeye Weather LLC is a weather consulting and education company and it's our mission to help you sleep better at night.  No, we don't sell drugs or white noise machines, we offer peace of mind because you'll know what's coming, when it's coming and how bad it will be...and in the wild world of weather we often see dramatic, costly and deadly events.  We serve clients who are tired of trying to find reliable weather information online or from broadcast media.  We ease the frustration and of then anger of CEOs and business managers who have been burned by bad forecasts.  If weather and climate trends impact your business and your bottom line, we have a solution for you!  Contact us now:  513-232-7246 or by Email

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Where Life & Weather Come Together


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The weather affects everything in our lives from Wall Street to food and fuel prices to travel and clothing decisions.  What we wear, the way we conduct business, the energy we use, our health, shopping habits and much more are all impacted by weather and climate trends and forecast. 
Your challenge is getting accurate, detailed weather information from someone you trust!…

Video Weather

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If you spend anytime online you have certainly come across videos, from news and sports to commercials and music. There are even wonderful training videos for everything from creating PowerPoint presentations to home repair. Why read text if you can just watch a video?


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“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” That quote from the late 1800s is still half-true today. Everybody still talks about the weather, but Skyeye Weather is doing something about it. We’re talking even more, at your school, at your business luncheon, at your awards banquet, at your safety meeting and more.

Wild World of Weather school presentations for 2012-13 are being scheduled now! 

Here is a list of my latest weather topics for the kids.


Studio Production

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Skyeye Weather LLC has its own production studios for creating weather-related products and services, but our video and audio equipment and skills are not just for weather. Using high quality audio and video technology and software we can create specialized products for you or your company.